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Proud Distributor of QSAN. Please check next generation from QSAN.

The Next Generation SAN Storage

The XCubeSAN XS3200 series is the newest generation of SAN systems available from QSAN. It is an active-active dual controller SAN (Storage Area Network) storage system series, supporting both iSCSI IP-SAN and FC-SAN with ultra high performance. Besides, it simplified the SAN deployment in the IT infrastructure, combining enterprise essential features such as thin provisioning, SSD read / write cache, auto tiering, snapshot, local volume clone, remote replication, and scalable to PB level capacity... etc. in one box.

With blazing fast Intel D1500 quad processor power, DDR4 system memory, cutting edge 12Gb SAS 3.0 technology, onboard high speed 10GbE LAN ports and the latest QSAN SANOS 4.0 (SAN Operating System v4.0), mind blowing performance, high reliability, unparalleled scalability, XS3200 products are suitable for Enterprise entry level and SMB storage requirements.